How It Works

No more waiting for appointments. No more trips to the pharmacy. We offer the same professional service, and the same genuine medications, ‘
conveniently delivered to your door.

1.Choose your treatment
Whether you’re looking to replenish your supply of medication for a chronic condition, or simply looking to treat one-off infections, we stock a wide variety of effective medication.
Our website is easy to use, with clear categories, images and descriptions that will help you work out which treatment is best for you.

Authentic treatments:
All of our medication is 100% genuine, sourced in the USA and effective at delivering results.
You may usually need to select the strength and pack size on the medicine that you want.
Leading brands stocked:
If you have a particular brand that works well for you, you’re likely to find it at TrusWish Omnicare. We stock a number of leading household names, as well as cost-effective generic versions.
No hidden costs:
The price you see is the price you pay. We do not add on any charges for our service, nor the time of the friendly prescribers.

All orders must be approved by our team before they can be dispatched, please note if you choose express delivery, this will be from the point the item is approved by the prescribe. This is usually within a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours from placing your order.
Orders are sent signed for or guaranteed for express delivery, customer services cannot fast track your order to be reviewed.
Your treatment discreetly to your door in three easy steps.

Receive your delivery:
If your order is approved then it will be prepared quickly. We offer a variety of delivery options with either USPS (Local Delivery or DHL, FeDex , Global Delivery (For International Delivery ,
that we will be able to use to ensure that you are delivered safely.

Flexible delivery:
Whether you want to utilise our free postage option or pay a little more to ensure you get the required medication the very next day,
there are a number of different choices.

Discreet packaging:
To ensure a discreet and private service, our packaging does not bear our logo or any other clue to its contents. We also Arrange for extremely discreet delivery for clients who want us to do so.

Rate us after Delivery:
We would love to hear about what you thought to our service. Once you’ve received your order, feel free to leave us a review on our wensite or contact our customer service team.